Blessing in Italy

blessing in italy

We craft our speeches from scratch for your Symbolic Wedding in Italy! Just like every couple is unique, every speech is also one-of-a-kind creation! There are several steps we take to prepare a personalized Symbolic Wedding in Italy.

The blessing speech is normally based on our first hand experience with the bride and groom, who let us have the honor of knowing their love and life story together. In addition to that we may add poetry, Bible readings and quotes, as well as specific ethnic, cultural or interfaith traditions or rituals. Together with the bride and groom we workout the blessing day scenario, decide on music incorporation, vows, readings and symbolic certificate, attesting your symbolic union.

Whereas civil or religious wedding is normally restricted to being in a certain place, symbolic wedding in Italy can be held outdoors, in a restaurant, on a beach, in a deconsecrated church, a rental villa and in fact a symbolic wedding ceremony in Italy can be held anywhere.

Jumaan e Luca // wedding in Apulia from 2become1 on Vimeo.

Barbara & Michele from Les Amis Photo on Vimeo.